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There is now an additional chapter and extra material added to the story! This my tale about a teacher who is autistic and I had to fight a battle just to keep my job. My superintendent had given the orders to 'get rid of the weirdo'. 

The circus of characters who tried to follow the orders of their ringmaster. I give the reader helpful information on how to fight the battle, what legal rights you might have and the organizations that might help.

Pick it up today!

Of you know of anyone who is being bullied by a boss, then this is your book! There are several examples of other people who have the same condition. Dr. Temple Grandin even adds her own personal perspective.


There's much to see here. My first complete novel is now available! hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop me a line.  Email:


"Staring Down Annihilation" HERE!!!

The paperback book and the ebook are available. I did make some slight change to the cover. I hope you like it. 

Couple Help is Coming

I am working on a book where I'll be helping the men with autism and the women they love. 

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Currently working on the next book due sometime next year.

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The Meaning of #BACKSTAB?

The Meaning of #BACKSTAB?


If you have a Twitter account and you've been dumped by your job because of our disorder then hashtag this: #BACKSTAB

The Meaning of #BACKSTAB?

The Meaning of #BACKSTAB?

The Meaning of #BACKSTAB?


Glad you asked. It stands for -

Bullied Autistic Citizens Knowingly Seek Tolerance Amid Bosses

About Me


Feel like your boss is after you?

I know exactly the feeling! My problem was I knew that really was the case for me.



I've been in education for a long time and never have I had a superintentend get more personal with me since that faithful year.



My real name is Christopher Wheat and I've married for over 30 years .I have 4 children and 2 grand kids.  This whole episode effected my whole family all because I have Asperger's.